Coming to the Netherlands, with your company.

Have you already decided?

If you haven’t decided yet, read some reasons why you may choose for the Netherlands, according to research done by several organisations. If you’re looking for answers to specific questions, please call us, or even better: visit us. We like to share our knowledge in an informal way, and we think that an open discussion on the pros and cons is the best way to help you decide

Did you already decide to come, or are you already in the Netherlands? Welcome!

Even if you did a lot of research, you might still find some regulations in the Netherlands bewildering. We have the same if we visit your country. So if you need clarification, or are not sure how to handle certain issues? Call us or visit us. We will be happy to talk with you in an open minded setting.

Why would you contact us?

Quite simple, actually. We are six experienced tax specialists that work together. Combining our experience and knowledge regarding Dutch (tax) law and regulations, we will be able to steer you in the right direction. Not only in tax, legal and accounting matters, but also in other fields of expertise.
One of our specialties is combining the different fields of expertise that we have within our company, with the expertise of the business partners we work with. As you probably know, it is the best team that produces the best results.

Our team

We all worked for one or more of the Big 4 companies. During that time we learned the trade, and served Dutch and international clients, varying from (very) small to the big listed companies and from all countries and cultural backgrounds. We decided to work together to serve Dutch and international family owned companies, their employees and stake holders. Why? They are the most interesting organisations and people. We get to talk with the people that run the business, get your view on where you are going with your company and your life. And believe it or not, that is the input we need in order to give you not only the best advice, but the advice that suits you best.

Our cost?

You will be surprised by our quality price ratio. We work hard to keep overhead at a minimum. Good to know that coffee and tea is deemed an essential business expenditure. We all have a family and mortgages, so our fees are realistic also from our point of view. We will of course give you an estimate of our cost, but only after we have met and discussed your needs and requirements.


Call us and we will talk about what you, your company and your people need.